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Corvette Water Heater Control Valve, 1958-1962
Model: 1006571
Condition: NEW
When reproducing our heater control valves we worked from NOS originals, originals with the clip that replaced the capillary tube.  Don’t be misled by those who tell you that you have to pay a fortune to get a true original. …
$103.99 ea
Heater Hot Water Valve - Motorcraft
Model: 3225905
Condition: NEW
Heater Hot Water Valve - Motorcraft …
$49.99 ea
Chevy Heater Control Valve Rebuild Kit, 1949-1954
Model: 3262553
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$40.99 kt
Mustang Everco Heater Control Valve, 1969-1972
Model: 3934137
Condition: NEW
Fits 69-72 Mustang and 67-69 Thunderbird …
$56.99 ea
Heater Instruction Decal - Ford
Model: 3231894
Condition: NEW
Heater Instruction Decal - Ford …
$8.99 ea
Corvette Heater Water Shut-Off Control Valve, Delco, 1975
Model: 3122423
Condition: NEW
Original Delco Part #15-5101 …
$84.99 ea
Corvette Heater Hot Water Shut Off Vacuum Valve, 1977-1979
Model: 3195100
Condition: NEW
  High Quality Reproduction Heater Hot Water Shut Off Vacuum Valve Has Three Ports Like The Original Replaces Missing, Damaged, Or Broken Originals Fits 1977-1979 C3 Corvettes Made In The USA The majority of C3…
$91.99 ea
Chevy Heater Control Valve, Deluxe, 1955-1956
Model: 3000069
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Heater Control Valve For 1955 Or 1956 Deluxe Heaters Patterned After Original & NOS Valves This Is The Clip Style Valve If You Have The Capillary Tube Style, You may Remove The Clip From This Valve And Use…
$124.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Heater Hot Water Control Valve Kit, 1961-63
Model: 3071193
Condition: NEW
This replacement style kit includes a new pipe and fitting with a rubber seal to attach to your core, a new valve and a new cable. …
$130.99 kt
Chevrolet Valve, Heater, Hot Water, 1961-1962
Model: 3047659
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Control Actuatoing Wire For Non Air Conditioned Cars …
$176.99 ea
Scott Drake 1968 Heater Control Knob Set C8ZZ-18519-AK
Model: 3226856
Condition: NEW
This 1968 Heater Control Knob Set from Scott Drake features correct brushed chrome finish with crisp letters and black painted recesses. Non A/C. …
$33.99 ea
Ford Thunderbird Heater Hot Water Control Valve, Vacuum Operated, 1958-60
Model: 3071190
Condition: NEW
Replacement kit for combo valve Includes new cable and seal …
$112.99 ea
Chevy Heater Plate Gasket, Control Valve, Block Off, 1949-1954
Model: 3238142
Condition: NEW
  Foam Gasket Material Construction Fits Heater Block Off Plate Or Control Valve Perfectly Replaces Original Holes in the firewall of your 1949-1954 Chevy can cause dust and debris to easily get into your interior, and a…
$4.99 ea
Scott Drake 1967-1968 Ford Mustang 67-68 Heater Control Valve C7ZZ-18495-A
Model: 3007680
Condition: NEW
This is used on cars equipped with factory Air Conditioning to stop the flow of warm coolant when AC is on. Not exact replacement. …
$96.99 ea
Chevy Heater Control Valve, Deluxe, 1957
Model: 3000070
Condition: NEW
Replacement Valve …
$125.99 ea
Scott Drake 1967 Mustang Heater Switch Assembly C7ZZ-19986
Model: 3275980
Condition: NEW
Heater blower motor fan switch. …
$102.99 ea
Ford Pickup Truck Fresh Air Inlet Connector - F100 Thru F750
Model: 3270529
Condition: NEW
  A large accordion hose that mounts next to the heater core in the fresh air system, these are usually dry-rotted & beyond repair.   …
$116.99 ea
Ford Mustang Heater Control Knob Set - 3 Pieces
Model: 3258635
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Heater Control Knob Set - 3 Pieces …
$19.99 st
Vacuum Switch - For Deluxe Heater Vent System
Model: 3179007
Condition: NEW
If you have a vacuum leak in the dash area, this is the likely culprit. It controls the internal doors in your heating & A/C systems. …
$94.99 ea
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