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Corvette Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, 1968-1982
Model: 1027183
Condition: NEW
Replacement Chrome Oil Filler Cap …
$23.99 ea $12.38
Corvette Chrome Oil Dipstick with Tube, 1965-1979
Model: 1028858
Condition: NEW
$13.99 ea $6.72
Corvette Engine Oil Pan Drain Screw Washer, Nylon, 1957-2011
Model: 1027440
Condition: NEW
This stock replacement engine oil pan drain screw washer is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. You will find the fit, finish and function meets all GM…
Corvette Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, 1965-1981
Model: 1031365
Condition: NEW
These are NOS items, and may show some shelf wear. GM Part 1625763   …
Corvette Oil Filter, PF1218, AC Delco, 1968-1991
Model: 1029897
Condition: NEW
$8.99 $5.89
Corvette Oil Gauge Line Kit, 327/350 68 427, 1968-1973
Model: 1009322
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original 1968 All Big Blocks & Small Blocks 1969-73 With Small Blocks …
$14.99 kt $12.34
Corvette Drain Plug, Engine Oil, 1957-1982
Model: 1006427
Condition: NEW
$8.05 ea $8.05
Corvette Engine Oil Pan, Small Block, 1963-1979
Model: 1027899
Condition: NEW
Replacement Pan, 5 Quart Fits 1963-72 327/350ci Except SHP Fits 1972 350ci SHP Fits 1973-74 All 350ci Except SHP Fits 1975-79 350ci NOTE: When installing this pan on 1963-74 Corvettes, oil pick-up screen and gasket…
$86.99 ea $66.66
Corvette Oil Pan Gasket Set, Small Block, 1956-1979
Model: 1006425
Condition: NEW
$26.99 ea $16.70
Corvette Oil Filter Cartridge, (PF-141), 1958-1967
Model: 1006419
Condition: NEW
$16.99 ea $12.67
Corvette Oil Filter, PF-454 Spin On, 1957-1991
Model: 1006421
Condition: NEW
$7.99 ea $5.89
Camaro Oil Pan Drain Plug, Magnetic, 1967-1992
Model: 2030568
Condition: NEW
Magnetic …
Chevelle Engine Oil Dipstick & Tube, Big Block, Chrome, 1965-1972
Model: 3024126
Condition: NEW
OEM quality chrome plating. Includes tube and stick. …
$14.99 ea $7.39
Corvette Oil Pickup, with Screen, 1963-1985
Model: 1009320
Condition: NEW
Must be used with oil pan 1028634  …
$40.99 ea $20.83
Chevy V8 Small Block Aluminum Stock Capacity Oil Pan, Passenger Dipstick, Retro Finned
Model: 3144687
Condition: NEW
An enduring staple of Chevrolet, the small block V8 engine first appeared in 1955 and has either carried or inspired the brand’s history of performance since. The powerplant entered the transformative automotive times of the 1980s with…
$205.99 st $148.35
Camaro Engine Oil Dipstick & Tube, Small Block, Chrome, 1967-1969
Model: 2031699
Condition: NEW
(Note: Big block photo shown). OEM quality chrome plating. Includes tube and stick. …
$13.99 st $6.72
Corvette Oil Pressure Line Grommet, 2 Hole without Air Conditioning, 1963-1967
$11.99 ea $10.33
Chevelle Engine Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, Small Block, 1968-1972 & Big Block, 1966-1972
$8.99 ea $4.19
Corvette Oil Catch Can, 1997-2013
Model: 1029103
Condition: NEW
All LS based Corvette engines suffer from oil "blow-by" from the PCV valve. This oil vapor makes it's way through the throttle body and leaves an oil residue on the throttle plate and intake manifold, that will eventually damage your spark…
Oil Dipstick & Tube Set - Chrome
Model: 3011281
Condition: NEW
We have a variety of dipsticks and tubes for the smallblock and big block v-8 engines. Concours correct, replacement style, chrome dress-up, the choice is yours. New chrome Ford small block dip stick. This may not fit all applications…
$21.99 st $11.09
Proform Engine Valve Cover Breather, 3 In Dia, Chevy Logo, Push-In Style, Chrome 141-616
Model: 2031683
Condition: NEW
This engine valve cover breather has a 3 inch overall diameter and is 2.50 inches tall. It includes a raised Chevrolet "Bowtie" logo emblem on the top side. This is a push-in style valve cover breather which fits a 1.22 inch valve cover…
$21.99 ea $20.51
Corvette Oil Filter, PF52, LT1, 1992-1996
Model: 1009752
Condition: NEW
Corvette Oil Line Kit, Copper Small Block, 1963-1967
Model: 1006666
Condition: NEW
$20.99 kt $17.89
Mr. Gasket Oil Filter Conversion Kit 1270
Model: 1006422
Condition: NEW
This kit converts a bolt-on, can-type filter to a full-flow, spin-on filter. The one-piece construction allows easy installation for a fast, clean filter change. A rubber O-ring is included. Must use with original bypass valve. Filter is…
OER 1964-81 Chevrolet V8 Zinc Coated Oil Filler Cap with "S" Marking 3851735
Model: 2029950
Condition: NEW
Authentic reproduction of the oil fill cap designed for the enthusiast who wants total originality in a reproduction cap. This original style cap has the correct shape and color and features correct "S" markings as original. Manufactured…
Oil Pan - Bare Steel
Model: 3011320
Condition: NEW
Oil Coated Plain Steel Finish Includes Pan Plug & Nylon Gasket Fits 221, 260, 289, & 302 V8 Motors Dearborn classics has a selection of painted and chrome plated oil pans for small block engines. Painted models are available in…
$77.99 ea $57.03
Oil Filler/Valve Cover Breather Cap - Chrome
Model: 3010716
Condition: NEW
Custom push on chrome breather cap fits most Rancheros, Torinos, and Fairlanes. Cannot be used on 6 cylinder models. This is for original style valve covers with breather tube on the valve cover. …
$12.99 ea $6.93
Camaro Oil Pan Drain Plug Gasket, 1967-2014
Model: 2030569
Condition: NEW
Replacement Oil Drain Plug Gasket Metal Construction Correct For 1982-1992 Rubber Insert Holds Gasket Tight To Plug Changing your oil drain plug gasket is essential when you change your oil pan. You should also check your gasket…
$4.99 ea $2.03
Oil Pan, L82 or High Performance
Model: 1009317
Condition: NEW
Fits 75-79 Corvette with L82 Engine Fits 67-79 Camaro with High Performance Engine, Driver Side Dipstick Requires the use of our 3463648 Oil Pump Pickup and Screen Fits SB Chevy Pre-1980 V8 283-350 (4 qts capacity). Made with…
$209.99 ea $144.61
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