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Upper Shock Rubber Bushing
Model: 2033267
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea
Front Upper A-Arm Control Shaft Stud
Model: 3428800
Condition: NEW
Front upper A-arm control shaft stud, part must be pressed into frame. 1963-67 Service replacement. 1968-82 Correct. Note: 1963-67 studs originally had a fine thread, these studs have a coarse thread. …
$6.99 ea
Camaro Rear Spring U-Bolt & T-Bolt Nut, Tall, 1967-1969
Model: 2030600
Condition: NEW
Multi-leaf rears use one U-bolt (our Part # SS-23) per side and two T-bolts (our Part # RC-468) per side. Some restorers choose to use two U-bolts on either side for maximum strength. Mono-leaf rears use eight T-bolts. …
$2.99 ea
Front Upper A-Arm Control Shaft Nut
Model: 3428801
Condition: NEW
Front upper A-arm control shaft stud nut. 1963-67 Service replacement. 1968-82 Correct. Note: 1963-67 studs originally had a fine thread, these studs have a coarse thread. …
$1.99 ea
Control Arm Bumper, Upper
Model: 2029096
Condition: NEW
Manufactured to original factory appearance for the demanding restorer at an affordable price. Protect your investment by having all of your susupension in place just the way GM did it on the assembly lines. …
$8.99 ea
Corvette Trailing Arm Stud, without Nut & Washer, 1965-1982
Model: 1024840
Condition: NEW
NOTE: Nut & Washer Not Included   Replacment Trailing Arm Stud 4 Required Per Arm   …
$4.99 ea
Moog Chassis K5149, Control Arm Bushing, OE Replacement, With Front And Rear Bushings
Model: 3029824
Condition: NEW
MOOG® Problem Solver® products incorporate proven design and engineering features for like new steering, ease of installation and longer life. MOOG is the preferred steering and suspension parts brand of professional technicians and…
$36.99 st
Camaro Subframe & Radiator Support Mount, Polyurethane, Hardtop, With Hardware 1967-1981
Model: 2039587
Condition: NEW
Upgrade Of Original Includes All Bushings And Hardware Decreases Deflection Between Subframe & Body Your Choice Of Black Or Red Made In USA Lifetime Manufacturer?s Warranty …
$127.99 kt
Camaro Universal Traction Bar, Chrome, 1967-1981
Model: 3230565
Condition: NEW
High Quality Construction Slick Chrome Finish Helps Prevent Axle Wrap & Wheel Hop These chrome universal traction bars will help prevent both axle wrap and wheel hop, ensuring that whether you're hauling weight, racing, or just…
$136.99 ea
Nova Bracket Bolt, Leaf Spring Eye, 1968-1979
Model: 3089005
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original Front eye bracket bolt for 1968-79 Nova models. Slight cosmetic difference from factory but will fit and function correctly. 6 required per vehicle. …
$2.99 ea
Camaro Polyurethane Front Sway Bar End Links,1967-1992
Model: 2032861
Condition: NEW
Replacement Polyurethane Sway Bar End Links Fits Front 1967-02 And Rear 1982-02 Outlasts Original Rubber Bushings Decreases Suspension Deflection Connects Sway Bar To Lower A-Arm Your Choice Of Black Or Red Made In USA Lifetime…
Corvette Spring Cushion, Rubber, Rear, 1963-1982
Model: 1002044
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Cushion 4 Required Per Car   …
$4.99 ea
Camaro Polyurethane Multi Leaf Spring Mount Pads, 1967-1969
Model: 2039586
Condition: NEW
Upgrade Of Original For Multi Leaf Rear Suspension Cars Only Decreases Suspension Deflection Your Choice Of Black Or Red Made In USA Lifetime Manufacturer?s Warranty …
Corvette Crossmember Cushion, Rear, 1963-1979
Model: 1001840
Condition: NEW
  2 Required   …
$87.99 ea
Camaro Rear Spring Pad Kit, Polyurethane, 1970-1981
Model: 2036202
Condition: NEW
Far Superior To Stock Rubber Components Precision Fabricated To Ensure The Highest Quality Fit …
$37.99 ea
Camaro Rear Spring T-Bolt, For Cars With Mono Leaf Springs,1967-1969
Model: 2032346
Condition: NEW
Mono-leaf rears use four T-bolts per side. Reproduction correct length T-bolt. 10 Bolt rears use eight T-Bolts. 12 bolt rears use four T-bolts and two U bolts. (Note: Racers may use four U-bolts for added strength).…
$5.99 ea
Corvette Trailing Arm Bushing Set, Rear, 1984-1996
Model: 1002562
Condition: NEW
The result is a polyurethane construction that withstands oils, ozones, and many more corrosives to give you added performance and a smoother rider. These bushings are pre-lubed with a synthetic compound which prevents that bothersome…
$95.99 st
60/71 Front Coil Spring Saddle
Model: 3016567
Condition: NEW
This is the perch that the coil spring sets into. Includes inner bushing. We have an exact reproduction original Ford replacement. Also fits Torinos. …
$37.99 ea
Upper Control Arm Bumper Set, 1973-2004
Model: 3101828
Condition: NEW
$12.99 pr
Corvette Ball Joint, Upper, 1963-1982
Model: 1001005
Condition: NEW
Upper replacement ball joint. …
$35.99 ea
Corvette Body Mounts, Polyurethane, 1973-1982
Model: 1000080
Condition: NEW
Unlike stock rubber mounts which gradually compact, Dee Engineering/Prothane polyurethane body mounts are a once-in-a-lifetime replacement. One set does the entire car. …
$94.99 kt
Moog Chassis CC635, Coil Spring, OE Replacement, Set of 2, Variable Rate Springs
Model: 2036241
Condition: NEW
An ideal original equipment replacement or upgrade for vehicles that carry heavy loads. These variable rate springs change resistance as they compress and become progressively stiffer as the load increases. MOOG® springs are vinyl-coated…
$90.99 pr
Camaro Coil Spring Set, For All Cars With Big Block, 1967-1969
Model: 2029100
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Helps Maintain Proper Ride Height Helps Maintain Proper Alignment Eliminates Unnecessary Wear On Tires And Suspension Parts Made In USA Original 1967, 1968, 1969 Camaro coil springs often become very weak and may…
$130.99 pr
Coil Spring Insulator - Rubber
Model: 3016565
Condition: NEW
Original Ford front coil spring insulators. Original type coil spring insulator for the 3.5 inch front spring that insulates the chassis from excessive road noise. These insulators are sold each and require 2 (two) per vehicle. …
$5.99 ea
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