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Camaro Windshield Wiper Switch Ground Lock Washer, 1967-1969
Model: 2032199
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$2.99 ea
Corvette Headlight Switch, 1978-1982
Model: 1001963
Condition: NEW
This Switch is a 7 Prong Headlight Switch. Please check your headlight switch to ensure that your headlight switch has not been replaced with an 8-prong switch at some point in it's life. Your Corvette is better seen than not…
$55.99 ea
Corvette Power Door Lock Switch, 1990
Model: 1029973
Condition: NEW
Ford Thunderbird Power Window Switch Clip, 1964-66
Model: 3073620
Condition: NEW
Holds the switch to the housing. …
$2.99 ea
Corvette Courtesy Light Switch, 1968-1974
Model: 1002600
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original With Key Warning   …
$20.99 ea
Model: 3073526
Condition: NEW
$5.99 ea
Courtesy Light Switch
Model: 3010205
Condition: NEW
Fits 1968 Galaxie Taxi, both sides Fits 1969 Galaxie Taxi, right hand only Fits 1969 Galaxie, without safety convenience package, left-hand front door Fits 1970-1972 Galaxie, without auto seat back latch, right-hand front door Fits…
$10.99 ea
Ford Brake Light Switch
Model: 3008474
Condition: NEW
Original Ford switches are available for your Ranchero, Torino, Fairlane and Falcon. Other switches are available by special order. Please call us if you do not see what you need listed. Also fits: 60/64 Galaxie, 62/64 Fairlane, 60/65…
$13.99 ea
Corvette Door Ajar or Hood Alarm Warning Switch, 1968-1974
Model: 1002530
Condition: NEW
1968-1973 Rear Door Jam-Door Ajar 1969-1974 Hood Alarm …
$15.99 ea
Corvette Heater Switch, With A/C Compressor on Heater Control, 1969-1976
Model: 1002360
Condition: NEW
Electrical components such as switches, regulators, relays and horns, etc. are Non-returnable parts.Always refer to a factory service manual when diagnosing engine service problems. You can damage electrical components if the proper…
$27.99 ea
Corvette Back-Up Light Switch Bracket, 1964-1974 Early
Model: 1001830
Condition: NEW
$19.99 ea $11.02
Camaro Headlight Switch Repair Connector, 1967-1968
Model: 2032557
Condition: NEW
Harness connector with pigtail leads fits all 67 to 69 Camaro headlamp switches. Each …
$16.99 ea
Corvette Relay (MAF/FAN/FUEL), 1987-1996
Model: 1029908
Condition: NEW
  1987-1989 Mass Air Flow Sensor - Power & Burn Off 1988-1992 Manual Transmission - Shift 1988-1994 Cooling Fan - Electric 1988-1992 Motor - AC Blower 1988-1989 Fuel Pump - Electric   …
Corvette Power Window Switch, 1968-1982
Model: 1024886
Condition: NEW
$27.99 ea
Headlight Switch, 1969-1984
Model: 3049165
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original  …
$22.99 ea
Corvette Power Seat Switch. (Small), 1984-1989
Model: 3267400
Condition: NEW
Quality Restoration Part Small Switch (Each Car Has 2 Small Switches) If your seat does not move or adjust, chances are you have a bad power seat switch. …
$45.99 ea
Corvette Door Lock Switch, Right, 1984-1985
Model: 1028112
Condition: NEW
Replacement Switch …
El Camino Neutral Safety & Backup Switch, With Automatic & Column Shift, 1969-1973
Model: 3040646
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original For Column Shift Automatics Only 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973 El Camino Neutral safety switches are found on all automatic transmission as a clutch safety switch. The El Camino or Sprint neutral safety switch is a…
$31.99 ea
Headlight Dimmer Switch, 1957-1962
Model: 3001610
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$27.99 ea
Corvette Air Conditioning/Heater Control Compressor Switch, Bottom of Control, 1977-1979
Model: 3115153
Condition: NEW
Picture is for Reference to Show type of Connector which is different from the late 79-82.  This is a reproduction unit. …
$27.99 ea
Corvette Door Jamb Switch Front, 1975-1982
Model: 1029887
Condition: NEW
  75-77 LEFT 78-82 RIGHT   …
$14.99 ea
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