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Corvette Exhaust Oxygen Sensor, 1982-1986
Model: 1027684
Condition: NEW
$26.99 ea
Corvette Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, 1981-1991
Model: 1028937
Condition: NEW
Replacement SensorFits All Engines Except ZR1 (LT5)Located In Cylinder HeadOperates Temperature Gauge In Dash…
Corvette Oil Pressure Sender, Late 1984-1989
Model: 1032894
Condition: NEW
Replacement Sender1 Terminal1/8-27 Thread…
Corvette Oxygen Sensor, LT-1, 1987-1993
Model: 1011871
Condition: NEW
$56.99 ea
Corvette Spark Knock Sensor, 1990-1991
Model: 1032781
Condition: NEW
$68.99 ea
Corvette Oxygen Sensor, 1980-1981
Model: 1009339
Condition: NEW
$50.99 ea
Corvette Idle Air Control Valve, 1985-1988
Model: 1007951
Condition: NEW
$79.99 ea
El Camino Temperature Sender Switch, V8 Without Gauges, 1976-1980
Model: 3040588
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Converts Engine Temperature Into Electrical Resistance Needed For Proper Warning Light Reading This stock replacement temperature sender switch is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a…
$25.99 ea
Corvette Air Conditioning Pressure Cycling Switch, 1984-1993
Model: 3221885
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Switch Mounts On Compressor Line At Evaporator Fits 1984-91 All Fits 1992-93 ZR1 Did you know? Many people in our hobby refer to the air conditioning pressure cycling switch as an…
$26.99 ea
Corvette Temperature Sender Variable Resistor, 1957-1978
Model: 3123169
Condition: NEW
This is a resistor that can be installed in line in your temp wire. It can be set to your engine temperature for gauge accuracy. The number of degrees of engine temperature change on the dash gauge varies greatly with the values of the…
$46.99 ea
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