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Corvette America 1953-2004 Chevrolet Corvette Dye Aerosol
Model: 3202047
Formulated and mixed to match our leather or vinyl interiors. This new dye normally requires only one coat if primer P/N 49322 is used first. Made to last and retain color fastness, this dye will make your restoration or interior upgrade…
Corvette Assembly Manual, Bound
Model: 3104034
This reprinted perfect bound manual gives you assembly illustrations down to the last nut, bolt, and screw. It shows exploded views of nearly every part of the car, and includes part numbers. Use this manual to help you disassemble or…
Corvette Disc Brake Piston Retaining Tool, 1965-1982
Model: 1027188
Condition: NEW
Tool holds the spring loaded piston in place while new pads are installed.. Makes Pad Changes Easy Prevents Seal Damage Includes Two Pieces …
Corvette Color Wiring Diagram, Laminated
Model: 3104038
Full Color Easy To Read 11" X 17" Laminated Covers Complete Car ​ Tired of those hard to read almost impossible to decipher black and white wiring diagrams copied out of 30 to 40 year old shop and repair manuals? We have…
Corvette Rear Spindle Set-Up Tool, 1963-1982
Model: 1002222
Condition: NEW
A quality restoration or repair of a classic Corvette is dependent on having the proper equipment. An important tool required in the removal or installation of the rear spindles of 1963-1982 Chevrolet Corvettes, this spindle set-up tool is…
Corvette Shop Manual, 1966-1982
Model: 1005382
Condition: NEW
312 pages with approximately 2 pictures or illustrations per page. The Corvette Shop Manual covers both small and big block applications as well as tune-ups, trouble-shooting and maintenance for all of your Corvette's mechanical…
The Original California Car Duster, Wood Handle
Model: 1032873
Condition: NEW
Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows.   Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers…
$45.99 ea $38.50
Weatherstrip Adhesive, Super, Black, 3M
Model: 2034835
Condition: NEW
Best Available Weatherstrip Adhesive Use to Install Weatherstripping, Trunk & Body Insulation Fast Drying 5 Oz. Tube Oil & Water Resistant Weatherstrip adhesive is a great item to own before embarking on your next classic…
Windshield Wiper Arm Removal Tool
Model: 2034948
Condition: NEW
Corvette Haynes Repair Manual, 1984-1996
Model: 1029116
Condition: NEW
Original repair manual This repair manual outlines essential information for repairing your 1984-1996 Corvette. Includes photo references (black & white), complete troubleshooting section, and plenty of tips and tricks to get…
$60.99 ea $55.85
How To Restore Your C3 Corvette Book
Model: 3102517
Condition: NEW
Soft Cover, 176 Pages W/ Over 500 Photos A Must Read Book For Any C3 Owner ​ The Corvette is in a league of its own. As the all-American V-8 sports car, no other high-performance American car can match it for enthusiast…
Corvette Ignition Key Cover, Square, 1969-1996
Model: 3202165
Condition: NEW
  Upgrade For 1969-1982 Stock Replacement For 1984-1996 Gives Better Grip Slip-On Installation     …
The Original California Car Mini Dash & Interior Duster
Model: 1030954
Condition: NEW
Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows. Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers Attract…
$19.99 ea $16.69
The Original California Car Duster, Plastic Handle
Model: 1024861
Condition: NEW
Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers Attract Dust Includes Storage Bag Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect…
$34.99 ea $29.68
Fender Gripper 2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Corvette Mat FG2019
Model: 1017007
Condition: NEW
Protect your investment with an Original Fender Gripper. They offer the highest degree of protection from impact and scratches while you work on your car. Each Fender Gripper is made from a unique reinforced foam padding that provides…
Corvette Ignition Key Cover, Round, 1969-1996
Model: 3687217
Condition: NEW
  Upgrade For 1969-1982 Stock Replacement For 1984-1996 Gives Better Grip Slip-On Installation       …
Corvette Lanyard, Key & Badge Holder, With C6 Emblem
Model: 3104786
Condition: NEW
The Corvette script dominates this cool and practical Key and Badge Lanyard that will impress Vette fans everywhere.  Crafted of 100% Nylon, this sturdy Lanyard features a detachable key and badge fob.  Also includes a cool black…
Corvette Power Brake Booster Rod Adjustment Tool, 1968-1976
Model: 3917830
Condition: NEW
Booster pin adjuster tool for C3 Corvette and other Bendix power brake boosters. Tool will check depth of master cylinder piston, then you can set proper rod length on your power brake booster. …
$44.99 ea $43.26
C7 Corvette Modelo Coffee Mug
Model: 1031045
Condition: NEW
C7 CORVETTE MODELO COFFEE MUG- 16 oz. 2-tone ceramic mug with black matte outside and glossy inside. C 7 logo full color 2 sides.…
$33.99 ea $30.79
Camaro Assembly Manual, 1980
Model: 2035566
Condition: NEW
Window Handle Removing Tool
Model: 2034950
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Window Removing Tool For Your Chevy Keeps Nova Door Panels From Being Torn While Removing Handle …
Corvette Rallye Wheel Paint, 1967-1982
Model: 1003645
Condition: NEW
In Late 1969 To Early 1971 The Rallye Wheel Was Painted A Greenish Silver. This Paint Matches The Silver On 1967-1969E & 1971L-1982 Rallye Wheels. Net weight: 12 oz  …
Camaro Magnetic Sign, Look But Please Don't Touch
Model: 2033825
Condition: NEW
Your classic Camaro will thank you for putting this magnetic vinyl sign on it at car shows. The soft material will not scratch your paint finish and it's a discreet, but noticeable 3 x 5 size. Get a pair to protect both sides of your show…
Camaro Factory Assembly Manual, 1967
Model: 2029531
Condition: NEW
Practically An Instruction Manual On Installing Parts Detailed Drawings Highlight Step By Step Assembly Torque Specs For Fasteners Throughout Emblem Placement Measurements The Camaro assembly manuals are detailed reproductions of the books…
Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning/Polishing Brush
Model: 1028252
Condition: NEW
Now you can throw away the make-shift sticks and rags you've used for years to clean recessed lug nut wheels. This tool is a "must have" for every auto enthusiast who wants to detail their wheels perfectly and with the least amount of time…
Corvette Interior Dye Surface Prep
Model: 1017187
Condition: NEW
Corvette Lip Seal Piston Installation Tool, 1965-1982
Model: 3489647
Condition: NEW
Lip Seal Piston Installation Tool, required when rebuilding 1st and 2nd design original lip seal calipers. …
Engine Orange Spray Paint, High Temperature
Model: 2034843
Condition: NEW
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. …
$22.99 ea $15.22
Camaro Lanyard,Key and Badge Holder With Camaro Name
Model: 3056360
Condition: NEW
100% Nylon Camaro Name On Lanyard Key and Badge Holder The Camaro bold Lettering dominates this cool and practical key and badge lanyard that will impress Camaro fans everywhere. Crafted of 100% nylon, this sturdy lanyard features a…
Tin Sign, Chevy Only Garage
Model: 3288025
Condition: NEW
Tin Sign 16"Wx12.5"H Tin Sign With Rolled Over Edges for Safety and Durability High Quality Ink Baked to Signs to Promote Long Life Mounting Holes on Each of the 4 Corners for Versatile Mounting…
Classic Headquarters Sidemarker Bezel W-795
Model: 2032382
Condition: NEW
Show quality reproduction. Exact fit. Heavy chrome. Requires four per car. Front or Rear.…
Sta-Dri Moisture Protection Kit
Model: 1029276
Condition: NEW
Make sure your vehicle doesn't fall victim to rust, mold, and odors from untreated moisture build up! Moisture build up during storage can leave your vehicle's interior mold ridden, rusted, and full of offensive odors if…
Classic Headquarters Window and Door Handle Removal Tool W-312
Model: 4019151
Condition: NEW
Designed to work for in the restoration of a wide range of classic General Motors vehicles, this handy stamped steel tool removes interior door handle and manual window cranks with ease. Effective for use universally on General…
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