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Corvette Z06 Exhaust Control, "Mild To Wild", 2006-2013
Model: 1025147
Condition: NEW
Introducing the first and only wireless remote designed to give you full control over the Z06 exhaust. This patent pending product requires no drilling or running wires through your car. It's a simple 5 minutes plug and play installation…
$132.99 kt
Camaro Exhaust Control Kit, Mild2Wild, ZL1, 2012-2014
Model: 3060655
Condition: NEW
FCC Approved Allows You To Control Exhaust To Unleash The Bi-Mode Exhaust 5 Minute Plug And Play 2 Settings Includes 2 Remotes Includes Complete Instructions The Mild2Wild Camaro ZL1 Wireless Exhaust Controller is the only FCC approved…
$145.99 kt
Corvette Dead Pedal Button, "Mild To Wild", 2006-2013
Model: 1029018
Condition: NEW
Installs in minutes, simply remove the OEM dead pedal (very easy, 2 nuts), drill a 1/2" hold for the switch and install back in the car. The special flat wire harness simply passes from the driver side to the passenger side and you then…
Corvette Exhaust Controller Kit, "Mild To Wild", 2005-2013
Model: 3122389
Condition: NEW
Update Your Exhaust To NPP System Fits 2005-12 (Cars That Did Not Come With NPP Exhaust Option) Requires The Purchase Of OE NPP Mufflers (New Or Used) A 35 Minute Simple Install With 8 Page Color Picture Instructions Includes…
$302.99 kt
Corvette NPP/Z06 Mild Adjustable Control Kit, 2006-2013
Model: 1029717
Condition: NEW
Pay just $24.99 to have the ultimate ability to adjust the sound of your NPP or Z06 exhaust? We all know NPP / Z06 exhaust is the Jekyll and Hyde of exhausts, allowing you to have it stock quiet or straight pipe loud. Most people leave…
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