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Corvette HEI Distributor Conversion, 1962-1974
Model: 1028477
Condition: NEW
Converts Dated Ignition Systems To Modern HEI Technology Easy To Install Improves Engine Performance May be Supplied With Red Or Black Cap (No Choice) Distributor May Not Clear High Rise Or After Market Manifolds Now with a…
$148.99 ea $103.93
Corvette Tachometer or Speedometer Cable Adapter, 90
Model: 1024617
Condition: NEW
For 1960-74 Corvettes with severe tachometer cable binding, when replacing a broken cable or to prevent future problems, install our 90 Tachometer/Speedometer Cable Adapter. It allows you to run the cable straight into the adapter…
Corvette Tach Drive Gear, Coupler, Washer & Button, 1962-1974
$48.99 ea $42.79
Chevy HEI Power & Tach Feed Wires
Model: 3102498
Condition: NEW
HEI Power Pigtails will get power from your ignition to your HEI distributor on a GM HEI. Package includes an 8 in. lead and plug into the OEM distributor cap. …
$10.99 st $7.65
Corvette HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor, Red, 1975-1991
Model: 1029049
Condition: NEW
NOTE: This item has a twist-style screw on cap.  If you have regular screws to install your existing distributor and want to use this item, please check under the screw holes in the distributor and see if the provisions are there to…
$47.99 $38.42
Corvette Distributor Mount Gasket, 1955-1992
Model: 1006350
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea $1.37
Corvette Distributor Side Gear, Tach Drive, 1962-1974
Model: 1024783
Condition: NEW
$41.99 ea $22.41
Corvette Distributor Shaft, 1962-1974
Model: 1024396
Condition: NEW
Camaro Distributor Clamp, Chrome, 1967-1985
Model: 2033800
Condition: NEW
Provides Chrome Plated Brilliance To Engine Includes Chrome Plated Mounting Bolt …
$7.99 ea $3.97
Corvette Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit, 1975-1982
Model: 1007057
Condition: NEW
$33.99 ea $25.14
Corvette Distributor Rotor, With HEI, 1975-1991
Model: 1002340
Condition: NEW
Replacement Rotor Will Not Fit ZR1   …
$13.99 ea $7.69
Corvette Vacuum Advance Line Clip, on Intake, 1963-1974
$5.99 ea $4.89
Proform Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit, Fits GM HEI Distributor, 3 Sets of Springs 66948C
Model: 2032821
Condition: NEW
HEI Advance Curve Kit. Offered with three sets of springs for custom curving your own distributor. Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit Fits GM HEI Models 1996 and Earlier Will Not Work On Computer Controlled HEI…
Corvette Distributor Side Gear Bronze Button, 1962-1974
$9.99 ea $6.12
Corvette Distributor Spring & Weight Kit, 1956-1974
Model: 1010176
Condition: NEW
$22.99 ea $11.66
Distributor Rotor, For HEI, AC Delco
Model: 3158927
Condition: NEW
  High Quality AC Delco Replacement Distributor Rotor Tough Injection Molded Plastic Precision High Temp Contact & Tip For V8 With HEI Ignition The ignition system in your vehicle can really wreak havoc on your fun…
$13.99 ea $7.69
Camaro Distributor Cap, 1967-1974
Model: 2031240
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original For Points Style Distributors Includes Spring Loading Locking Screws Durable Molded Plastic Like Original Chevrolet Camaro distributor caps tend to wear and break down over time. If your distributor cap is damaged…
$27.99 ea $20.98
Corvette HEI Distributor Terminal Board, 1975-1991
Model: 3240043
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Board Includes Capacitor 1984-91 Use With P/N 37816 …
$41.99 ea $21.21
Corvette Distributor Hold Down, with Bolt, 1956-1982
Model: 1006347
Condition: NEW
Replacement For 53 -69 distributors …
Corvette Distributor Cap, With HEI, 1975-1984
Model: 1002330
Condition: NEW
$20.99 ea $17.44
Chevy Vacuum Advance,6-Cylinder,1953-1954
Model: 3018940
Condition: NEW
High Quality Restoration Vacuum Advance Fits 6 Cylinder Applications Natural Finish If your 1953 or 1954 Chevy just doesn't get the performance you expect from your original 6 cylinder engine maybe the vacuum advance is bad! The original…
$67.99 ea $48.95
Camaro Distributor To Intake Manifold Gasket, 1967-1969
Model: 2030290
Condition: NEW
Replacement Distributor Gasket This Camaro replacement distributor gasket has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Camaro. …
$3.99 ea $1.99
Ford Thunderbird Distributor Cap, Reproduction, Black, Brass Contacts, For All Engines, 1958-66
$17.99 ea $9.43
Corvette Tune-Up Kit, 1985-1986Early
Model: 3176678
Condition: NEW
  Genuine Rapidfire Spark Plugs Replacement Cap &amp Rotor Packard Spark Plug Wires …
$174.99 kt $118.38
Camaro Distributor Cap, Small Block, 1975-1985
Model: 2036618
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cap …
$15.99 ea $11.04
Camaro Vacuum Hose, White Stripe, 1967-1969
Model: 2029913
Condition: NEW
Correct Reproduction of Original Ribbed with White Stripe Used on many Vacuum Applications Sold per Foot Correct reproduction of the vacuum hose used on Camaros and other Chevrolet applications. This vacuum hose with the white stripe can…
Corvette Distributor Spring Clip, 1958-1974
Model: 1014533
Condition: NEW
$6.99 ea $4.77
Chevelle HEI Distributor Advance Curve Kit, 1964-1983
Model: 3024056
Condition: NEW
Replacement Kit Three Sets Of Springs Included For Custom Curving Of Your HEI Distributor This Chevelle replacement HEI advance curve kit has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit…
$13.99 kt $9.44
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