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Corvette Crossmember Cushions, Rear, 1963-1979
Model: 3923701
Condition: NEW
Set of 2 …
Fairchild Industries 1963-1979 Chevrolet Corvette Bushing, Crossmember G4021
Model: 1001840
Condition: NEW
Classic Chevrolet Corvettes deserve to handle and ride with the same grace as it left the assembly line. A quality replacement differential crossmember bushing for 1963-1979 Corvettes, this component can be useful for restoring ride…
63-79 Crossmember Cushion Bolts Rear to Frame
Model: 1008230
Condition: NEW
Kit includes 2 bolts and 2 lockwashers.SCREW CROSS MEMBER CROSSMEMBER…
Corvette Cross Member Sombrero, 1963-1979
Model: 1029648
Condition: NEW
$94.99 $78.86
Classic Headquarters Th-400 Shift Cable Mounting Bracket W-971
Model: 2029884
Condition: NEW
Correct silver cad plated shift cable transmission mounting bracket for TH-400 automatic floor shift cars. GM Part # 3945494…
Classic Headquarters Big Block Lower Lockout Rod #5776 W-912
Model: 2033765
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 69 Big block 4 speed lock out rod for 396/427 with 4 speed. Correct length and offset Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to transmission gear selector lever. Includes correct big…
$42.99 ea $27.09
Corvette Crossmember Cushion, Rear, 1963-1979
Model: 4859495
Condition: NEW
  2 Required   …
$74.99 ea $71.97
Classic Headquarters 4 Speed Lockout Bellcrank Assembly W-913
Model: 2030307
Condition: NEW
Interlock frame bellcrank assembly for for 302, 350 and 396 with 4 speed transmission. Correct stampings and markings. Plated dark gray phosphate. Quality workmanship and materials for an exact, original appearance.…
$100.99 ea $64.48
Classic Headquarters Small Block 4speed Lockout Rod, Lower #5773 W-910
Model: 2030306
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 69 Small block 4 speed lock out rod for 302, 350 with 4 speed. Correct length Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to transmission gear selector lever. Includes correct small block…
$52.99 ea $33.42
Classic Headquarters Upper Lockout Rod, All W-911
Model: 2030305
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 67-69 upper lock out rod used on all 67-69 column shift automatics and all 69 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions. Correct length Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to steering…
$36.99 ea $23.40
Classic Headquarters Correct Automatic Floorshift Cable W-810
Model: 2029881
Condition: NEW
Automatic transmissions equipped on classic Chevrolets allow drivers to comfortably relax. Over time, the cable used between the shifter and the transmission may stretch or break greatly affecting the functionality of the vehicle. This…
Corvette Crossmember, Front, 1968-1972
Model: 1009237
Condition: NEW
Corvette Rear Suspension Locating Kit, 1963-1979
Model: 1001002
Condition: NEW
The rear suspension locating kit eliminates rear crossmember flex and prevents separation of the differential from the frame. Installation instructions included. Stabilizes & Reinforces Differential Crossmember Improves…
Classic Headquarters Camaro / Nova Th-400 Crossmember OE Gauge W-954
Model: 2032159
Condition: NEW
Correct for 67-69 Camaro with TH-400 and Big Block. Not a generic, lightweight aftermarket part. Accurate stamping shape and design from heavy OE gauge steel tubing as original. 20% THICKER steel than current market imports. Crisp stamp…
Classic Headquarters Th-350 Th400 Selector Lever with Floor Shift W-632
Model: 2029882
Condition: NEW
Accurate plated reproduction used with all floor mounted factory TH-350 and TH-400 automatic shifters.GM Group #: 4.045 GM Part #: 3950176…
Classic Headquarters Pin Stud Assembly-Transmission Shift Lever W-682
Model: 2029883
Condition: NEW
Hardened pin stud, lock washer, nut, and shift cable retaining clip. Accurate plated reproduction set. All TH-350 and TH-400 with cable shift. Universal custom applications. GM Part #: Pin Stud 1382792, 9779348, Clip 12338114 …
Classic Headquarters "Hurst" Clips, Package of Three W-697
Model: 2032387
Condition: NEW
High quality correct diameter and tensile strength clips hold shifter rods firmly to levers. Black oil finish. Set of three.…
Camaro Transmission Crossmember, Big Block, For 4-Speed Manual Transmission, 1967-1969
Model: 2031809
Condition: NEW
Used with all 4 speed big blocks still using original factory shifter and shift linkage   …
Camaro Floor Shifter Cable Assembly, With Powerglide, TH350 Or TH400 Transmission, Repair Approved, 1968-1972
Model: 4019418
Condition: NEW
Repair Approved Trans Shifter Cable Assembly, With Boot Imported With Boot For All 1968-1969 Floor Shifters For Camaros With Center Console 32 Overall Length 19. This is not one of those cheaper import shift cables where the end of the…
Classic Headquarters F-Body and X-Body Crossmember All (Exc 400 Big Block 4sp) OE Gauge W-952
Model: 2033131
Condition: NEW
Faithful reproduction for use with all automatic and manual applications except TH-400 and BB 4 speed. Not a generic, light weight aftermarket part. 20% THICKER than current market imports. Accurate stamping shape and design of original…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Rod Firewall Cover and Seal W-769
Model: 2033144
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction. Die stamped steel block off plate used on all factory automatic equipped 67-81 F-Body, 68-79 X-Body. Blocks and seals what would otherwise be the firewall clutch upper push rod opening. Original style and appearance…
69-72 Crossmember Extension Bracket to Frame Left
Model: 1009239
Condition: NEW
Classic Headquarters Automatic Shifter Cable Installation Kit, 3 Pieces H-177
Model: 4018908
Condition: NEW
Correct clips to install automatic shifter cable. …
Camaro Shifter Assembly, For Floor Shift Automatics With Center Console, 1968-1969
Model: 3448526
Condition: NEW
Officially Licensed Reproduction Complete Shifter Assembly For Console Equipped Cars Works With 2 Powerglide & 3 Speed Automatic TH350 Or TH400 Transmissions Assembled In The USA No Hardware Included 100% Complete shifter assembly…
Classic Headquarters Automatic Shifter Assembly-Chevelle W-630
Model: 3030179
Condition: NEW
100% complete shifter assembly for console equipped cars. For all two and three speed transmissions. Includes bright heavy chrome die-cast handle, handle cover with correct grain pattern and silver mylar accent bands, polished stainless…
Corvette Frame Crossmember, #3, 1963-1979
Model: 3942526
Condition: NEW
GForce 1968-1981 Corvette Crossmember RCC3-350
Model: 3490268
Condition: NEW
Fits the following transmissions: TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, Super T-10, Saginaw, TH200. Finished in a black powder coat. Includes new body bolts. Purchase transmission mount separately. p/n GMTM. C3 Corvette, (1968-1981) with…
Classic Headquarters 4v Powerglide Kickdown Rod W/Swivel W-667
Model: 2032227
Condition: NEW
Satin plated accurate reproduction kickdown rod and swivel. Connects carb lever to bellhousing bellcrank. For all powerglide equipped V-8 Camaro with four barrel carb.…
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