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Trim Parts manufactures GM-Licensed Restoration Parts and Mopar-Authentic Restoration Products for various cars and trucks. Located in Lebanon, Ohio, our 75,000 square-foot facility masterfully blends traditional manufacturing techniques with state-of-the-art technology to produce beautifully crafted products. Through sourcing premium materials, utilizing original or replicated GM tooling, as well as multiple tiers of quality control, Trim Parts’ products lead the industry in quality and accuracy.

Trim Parts’ injection-molded parts are modern-day duplications of the originals. From color tones, to light refraction and split lines, every detail is considered and accounted for. Similarly, our die cast, stamped, and painted metal products are held to the same quality standard.

Through extensive investments of time and resources, Trim Parts’ has amassed a vast collection of original parts and GM tools. Such is crucial to our commitment in providing factory-correct parts of exceptional quality. From production and assembly, to paint and finishing, each part is individually inspected throughout the process.

In an industry centered around quality and accuracy, Trim Parts has positioned itself at the forefront of producing premium products of superior quality. Every product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s defects, as well as meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. Authenticity is found in the quality of the details.

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Trim Parts 1973-81 Chevrolet Camaro Original Style Sill Plate with Stick-On Tag, Pair 6733
Model: 2041139
Condition: NEW
A classic Chevrolet Camaro’s accessible performance makes the vehicle a most inviting experience for a driver or passenger. In the restoration or repair of a 1973-1981 Chevrolet Camaro, this pair of door sill plates are excellent for…
Trim Parts 69-73 Corvette Front Fender Emblem, Stingray, Each 5237
Model: 1008515
Condition: NEW
Trim Parts makes the only correctly painted Stingray emblems. Later versions of the GM replacements were not painted correctly but Trim Parts researched and confirmed the correct painting of the originals. If you want it right, you want…
Trim Parts 68-72 Corvette Front X-Flag Emblem, Each 5955
Model: 1003912
Condition: NEW
Trim Parts is the only manufacturer that offers you the correct emblem for your Corvette. If you want to guarantee the correct part for your Corvette, you want Trim Parts! Includes fasteners. Original GM Part #3912706 Made to…
Trim Parts 73-74 Corvette Front Emblem, Each 5960
Model: 1003913
Condition: NEW
Original style cloisonn emblems. Not a plastic that hazes after sun exposure. Trim Parts make authentic cloisonn (glass) the same as the originals from GM. Insist on originality. Insist of the only manufacturer that makes parts like the…
Corvette License Plate Light Lens with Gasket & Screws, Correct, 1961-1967
Model: 1002831
Condition: NEW
Clear plastic with GUIDE LI-60 molded into lens. Kit includes correct white foam gasket and mounting screws …
$35.64 ea $35.64
Trim Parts 76-79 Late Corvette Rear Emblem, Each 5031
Model: 3490242
Condition: NEW
A very popular emblem for a very popular Corvette. This die-cast Trim Parts emblem will add that detailed finishing touch to your ride! Includes fasteners. Original GM Part #458325 Made to Original Specifications All Trim Parts…
Trim Parts 69 Chevelle Grille Emblem, SS 396, Each 4600
Model: 3025019
Condition: NEW
What do you expect from a quality grille emblem? A perfect fit? Correct fasteners and backing plates? Or maybe quality paint and finish??? You get it all from Trim Parts on these exact reproductions of the original. Do not choose to save…
Trim Parts 68 Chevelle Rear Panel Emblem, SS 396, Each 4501
Model: 3025072
Condition: NEW
What makes Trim Parts better than others??? Detail and quality. Our emblems are plated and painted the same as the originals while the cheaper imports are not correctly painted or plated. Includes fasteners. Original GM Part…
$113.99 ea $98.13
Trim Parts 68 Chevelle and El Camino Grille Emblem, SS 396, Each 4500
Model: 3025022
Condition: NEW
What do you expect from a quality grille emblem? A perfect fit? Correct fasteners and backing plates? Or maybe quality paint and finish??? You get it all from Trim Parts on these exact reproductions of the original. Do not choose to save…
$127.99 ea $115.98
Trim Parts 69-72 Nova Front Fender Emblem Nova, Also Fits 68 Rear, Pair 3048
Model: 3086709
Condition: NEW
Replace that old, dull or missing emblem with the highest quality emblem from Trim Parts! With a brilliant chrome finish, smooth edges and original style mounting studs in the correct places make this piece the best you can get! Made…
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