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Since 1982, we have been producing exceptional quality restoration parts for the industry. Fast forward to today, and our manufactured line now numbers in the thousands. The demand for precise quality reproductions continues to grow, and the RESTOPARTS® brand proudly answers that demand with an ever expanding line of the finest quality restoration parts available today.

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RestoParts Bushing SET, Radiator Support, 1968-72 GM A Body, w/Hardware RB0523
Model: 3022495
Condition: NEW
These convenient kits include upper and lower support bushings and are shipped complete with the original steel mounting washer and bolt hardware kits, if so desired.Radiator Support Bushings Reproduction-Style W/Hardware.Complete kits…
RestoParts Bumper Bolts, 1965-72 A-Body, Kit PK3565
Model: 3435682
Condition: NEW
A must have for bumper mounting, these kits include all of the necessary hardware to mount your bumper to the brackets. Bumper Bolt Kit. Including the mounting nuts Kits not available for any further discounts. …
RestoParts Screw, 63-88 GM, Door Step Plate, 8pc Kit C21027
Model: 3027928
Condition: NEW
Eight screws per kit.Step Plate Screws 1970-77 Monte Carlo 8 Screws.…
RestoParts Screen, cowl vent, 1968-72 w/o AC CHV4510
Model: 3434064
Condition: NEW
These are the excellent reproductions to replace cracked or worn originals behind the hood, under the cowl.Insert, Cowl Grille, 1968-72 Without Air Conditioning.Our precise reproductions are not universal. These are the correct factory…
Model: 3097677
Condition: NEW
These original style rubber radiator cushions are sold as a four-piece kit.Upper/Lower Radiator Cushion 3-1/4? X 7/16?, 4-Row.4-row cushions may require slight modification for some applications.…
RestoParts Mirror, Outside 1969-72 Chevelle/El Camino/1970-72 Monte Carlo, Right Hand PZ00432-RH
Model: 3435915
Condition: NEW
There is simply no comparison to our entirely authentic mirrors for 1970-72. Precision-tooled base is an identical recreation to the factory originals. Compared to others offered, ours is superior in many very important ways. For…
RestoParts Knobs, Door Lock, 1968-77 Chrome, Ribbed, Pair CH26141
Model: 3433843
Condition: NEW
Each knob is precisely reproduced in injection-molded plastic and is identical to the "showroom-new" originals. Knobs, Door Lock, 1968-77 Chrome, Ribbed, Pair. Complete kits include lock knobs and ferrules, which are identical to…
RestoParts Headliner Clip Set - 1967-72 Pontiac F/S, 1968-72 A-Body Bow Clips PP00220-ST
Model: 3435690
Condition: NEW
When replacing your headliner, don't take a chance with old, brittle clips. OPGI has just what you need to keep your headliner bows in place. Two different styles are available depending on your application needs. The large clips are for…
RestoParts Door Jamb Windlace - 1964-67 A-Body, 1957-67 Cadillac, Black EDJSSBK
Model: 3024968
Condition: NEW
This windlace is made with original Madrid grain vinyl, which is sewn around a rubber cord. Designed to last years.Door Jamb Windlace All.…
RestoParts PAD, Firewall Insulation 1968/72 no AC (A body) CHV3616
Model: 3434050
Condition: NEW
This pad runs the length of the firewall in the interior and behind the dash. This will help eliminate much of the engine noise caused by dried-out existing insulation. The pad features heavy-duty jute insulation with a stamped rubber…
RestoParts Heater Box Seal Kit, 1964-72 A-Body/1966-72 Bonn/Cat/GP, w/o AC CH17264
Model: 3435499
Condition: NEW
Complete assemblies manufactured in die-cut original material.Heater Box Seals Without Air Conditioning.Factory replacement…
RestoParts Insulation, Headliner, 1936-93 HLIN001
Model: 3434405
Condition: NEW
This is a four-piece assembly featuring die-cut insulation that goes between the roof and the headliner on the inside of the roof panel to insulate the interior from heat and cold, as well as deaden noise and vibrations. Adheres using our…
RestoParts Jute, Under Carpet, 1964-72 A-Body JCC2502
Model: 3026727
Condition: NEW
For extra protection and added comfort, your carpet installation will be enhanced by adding additional jute backing between the floor pan and the molded carpet. Doubling up the jute provides a plush, added cushion and heightens the amount…
RestoParts Console, ALUMINUM INSERT, 1968-72 Chevelle/El Camino, Automatic ACK1410
Model: 3026957
Condition: NEW
This value-packed assembly includes all of the necessary brushed aluminum inserts to restore the top of your console to "showroom shape". It includes complete instructions and helpful removal and installation hints.Console Inserts…
RestoParts Grommet, Throttle Cable Retainer, 1967-78 GM CH27841
Model: 1007337
Condition: NEW
This molded plastic grommet is an identical reproduction of original equipment and is designed to keep the accelerator cable from pulling through the pedal linkage. Sold per each, the grommet snaps into the accelerator pedal linkage and is…
RestoParts Headliner Clip, Large, 1968-72 GM CH27073
Model: 3028204
Condition: NEW
When replacing your headliner, don't take a chance with old, brittle clips. OPGI has just what you need to keep your headliner bows in place. Two different styles are available depending on your application needs. The large clips are for…
RestoParts Seat Cap, 1966-72 GM A Body, Chrome Piping, Bucket, Kit DK0254
Model: 3029212
Condition: NEW
Stainless steel reproductions of the end caps are used with our seatback and base chrome strip kit. Available individually or in a convenient twelve-piece kit. Seat Chrome Strip End Caps (12-Pcs.). For use with bucket seatback and…
RestoParts Seal, Hood to Cowl, 1968-72 Chev/Cut/Sky/Monte/1968-73 GTO/1969-72 GP, Rubber AMS0100
Model: 3435005
Condition: NEW
Authentically reproduced hood to cowl seals are a must have for any vehicle. The seal mounts on the lower windshield cowl and seals the rear hood edge when closed. This seal helps prevent unwanted dirt and water runoff from entering the…
RestoParts Seatback Button, 1969-72 GM A Body/Pontiac,1969-70 Eldorado,Bucket/Strato Bench CSF9080
Model: 3434105
Condition: NEW
A complete assembly. This high-quality, chrome-plated reproduction includes spring and baseplate. Strato Bucket Seatback Lock Button. Convenient to order and easy-to-install! In stock for immediate delivery …
$30.99 ea $29.76
RestoParts Seat Track, 1966-72 GM A Body, Bucket, Left Hand CH24738-LH
Model: 3029119
Condition: NEW
Designed for bucket seats?two per car. Authentically reproduced with proper spring operated adjustments. Authentic in every detail right down to the black knob Authentic in every detail, including the black knob …
$256.99 ea $205.50
RestoParts Jute, Trunk Divider, 1968-72 Coupe R580003
Model: 3436000
Condition: NEW
The jute backing is recommended because it provides insulation from noise and moisture.Trunk Divider Jute Coupe.…
$30.99 ea $29.69
RestoParts Base, Dome Light, 1968-87 El Camino PZ00022
Model: 3040338
Condition: NEW
Brighten up your interior by replacing your existing faded dome light base and get the bright reflective light you want with a new one.Dome Light Chrome Bases Wagon/Sedan/Gs.Replacements for typically worn of cracked originalsPart #'s…
RestoParts Sending Unit, Fuel, 1968-70 A-Body, 3/8" Line w/o Return CH20872
Model: 3435531
Condition: NEW
These are exact reproductions guaranteed to perform flawlessly. The 1964-72 reproduction units are made from stainless steel while 1973 units are galvanized steel. All sending units include O-ring for sealing as well as 1/4" return line…
RestoParts Clip, Bed Rail, 1978-87 El Camino 99L0372
Model: 3043529
Condition: NEW
Bed Rail & Top Of Tailgate Molding Clips.…
RestoParts Quarter Panel, 66-67 Chevelle, Left Hand 0802130-LH
Model: 3434705
Condition: NEW
These fine-tooled and stamped panels are produced in original factory-grade sheet metal. The full quarters cover the door jamb and trunk channel and flange up to the bottom of the sail panel by about a half-inch. The 86" x 25" panels run…
RestoParts Washer, Foam, Window Crank, 1961-72, 6 Pc M240070
Model: 3434595
Condition: NEW
Original door and window handle foam washers have been reproduced to factory specifications. Washers are designed to eliminate unwanted air and noise often associated with these handles. Washers are sold in sets of 2, 4 or 6; specify…
RestoParts Plug, 67-77 Floor & Trunk Pan (stamped steel) CRCH88A
Model: 3434104
Condition: NEW
This is the oval steel drain plug for the trunk and floor pans on 1961-72 Skylark floors.Stamped Steel Drain Plug.Perfectly stamped reproduction is contoured for an exact fit…
RestoParts Mounting Straps, Fuel Tank, 1968-72 A-Body & 1969-70 Grand Prix, Pair PZ00723
Model: 3026243
Condition: NEW
Our authentically reproduced mounting straps are a must when installing your fuel tank. Available in galvanized, stainless or factory correct black zinc coating which inhibits corrosion. These steel straps are formed to factory…
RestoParts Supports, Cowl Hood Door 1970-72 Chevelle/El Camino, SS, Cowl Induction PZ68555
Model: 3025237
Condition: NEW
A finely reproduced pair that will bolt your door to the cowl hood.Steel Hoods.Authentically reproduced with factory-drilled screw holes…
RestoParts Base, Dome Light, 1971-77 Chevelle/1969-77 BOP/1978-88 Malibu/Monte Carlo, Chrom PZ00023
Model: 3435850
Condition: NEW
Brighten up your interior by replacing your existing faded dome light base and get the bright reflective light you want with a new one.Dome Light Chrome Bases Sedan Center.For all Buicks, 6472Part #'s PZ00022 and S240608 requires two per…
$16.99 ea $15.64
Model: 4894135
Condition: NEW
Secure your door panels with the correct mounting hardware from OPGI. Available for multiple applications, our kits give you the clips and screws you need to complete the job. Depending on your vehicle, we offer the early nail-style clips…
RestoParts Bumper, Rubber, 67 CHEVELLE, Kit RBK067
Model: 3436012
Condition: NEW
These complete kits include exact reproductions of the original rubber bumpers found on the doors, trunk lid, hood, side of hood, gas tank door and interior glove box. Does not include tailgate bumpers.Rubber Stopper Kits.Replace your…
RestoParts Pad, Kit, Pedal, 1968-77 Chevelle/El Camino/Skylark, 4 Speed, Disc PK1900
Model: 3435666
Condition: NEW
Each pad is reproduced exclusively by OPGI. We have sold thousands of these outstanding reproduction pedal pad kits. Pedal pads can be frustrating to install if they are not exact in fit and finish. We guarantee ours to be exactly like the…
RestoParts Molding Between Headlamp Bezels, 1969 Chevelle/El Camino CH20419
Model: 3435516
Condition: NEW
These are the small aluminum moldings that go between the headlights. Two required per car.In Between Headlight Moldings.Exact extruded and formed aluminum reproduction that's identical to factory GM originals…
$26.99 ea $24.72
RestoParts Console, SHIFT SLIDER, 1968-72 Chevelle/El Camino/Monte, 4 Speed CSSP421
Model: 3027054
Condition: NEW
This contoured part is made from a steel rule injection-mold. It is identical to the original and superior to many of our competitors' versions (ours being injection-molded, theirs being a flat-stamped piece).Console Shifter Slider…
$21.99 ea $20.83
RestoParts Lens, Dome Light, 1968-70 A-Body PZ00019
Model: 3435846
Condition: NEW
Factory-correct replacement. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.Interior Dome Lens Sedan Sedan.Our replacements even include the factory color-keyed lenses in original ?eggshell?, off-white or white where applicable!Part# PZ00020 requires two…
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